Billy's Place at McDonough's

March at Billy’s Place


March at Billy’s Place

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Come have dinner with us on the second floor of McDonough’s at Billy’s Place. We have weekend specials and a pianist on Tuesday-Saturday. Theadosia plays on Tuesday and Wednesdays and Nancy Witt plays Thursday-Saturday. On St. Patrick’s Day the party extends to the second floor here at Billy’s Place. Come party upstairs for this week only with a live DJ. Hours for this week are Tuesday at 2pm and Wednesday-Sunday 9am till. Limited menu because of festivities. Sorry, no fine dining just good friends, great food, and fun atmosphere. Firefighters, policeman, and bag pipe bands from all over the U.S. coming from Chicago, Boston, Washington, Orlando, Jacksonville, and New York and even as far as Dubland Ireland and Canada will be in and out throughout the week for both McDonough’s and Billy’s. We always have a great time so don’t miss out!!

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